The best Onyx mines in the world are in Iran and Italy, But in terms of color variation, Iran is superior to Italy.

Travertine is a durable material in cold and hot weather. Iran has the most diverse colors of Travertines in the World.

The quality of Iranian marble is high and this has caused it to be of special importance in the global markets for construction materials

Granite is one of the other Natural Stone types that can be found all around the country in Iran.

Shayan Marble is one of the luxurious and expensive Iranian marble

Tropical Storm Granite is an effortlessly chic looking stone suitable for all indoor projects.

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Due to our vision to make the most value for our clients in stone industry, we have built our own stone factories equipped with the latest technology…

With over twenty years of experience in quarry ownership, MGT has created a supply chain, which starts from the very first stage of stone …

Uniqueness can be felt when our Volakas Marble is shining bright in the room.